How to talk about basic spacial relations in Fenekere

In Fenekere, there are two ways to talk about spacial relationships. There are various artists of manipulating or engaging in spacial relationships, and you can learn their names and use them for verbs, adjectives and adverbs, which is the pure way of speaking Fenekere. And as those names are added to the database, you can search for them here. Or, you can do what most Ktletaccete do and use the prefixes, which are also listed on the search page for your convenience. In order to make a few of the most often used prefixes easier to memorize, I've created the following diagrams. Also included are some sample sentences, so that you can see the prefixes in use: Above, we see Benejede, the Story Telling of the Ktletaccete. You'll note that each prefix means either the position in relation to Benejede or the corresponding side of Benejede. The way that is interpreted is based on which word you attach the prefix to. If you attach the prefix to a noun, then it acts like an adjective meaning "the noun in the [position]-most location". If you attach the prefix to a verb, it means, that the subject is verbing to the [position] of the object. The most common such use is to attach the prefix to the verb for "is", like this: Fe girluubedodeha gegega - "I am ahead of you." In this diagram, we see Bededehe, the Artist of Being. It is his name that we use for the words for "is" and "are" or "being". This diagram is laid out to describe Bededehe's right and left. So his left hand is marked left. In the diagram below, I've written sentences that speak both of his perspective and our perspective, so you can see how that works and what the differences are. click to view full sized image So, to speak of Bededehe's left, you must use the adjective/possesive form of his name, "bedudohe", and mark it to modify the verb, "nirlaabedodeha". If you had put Bededehe in the object position of the sentence, as "Bededahe", it would have been ambiguous and most readers would have assumed their left, though they wouldn't object too loudly if you clarified yourself afterward. Note that we didn't use that kind of clarity for Benejede's position, because it's very clear that he is to Fenemere's back in the image. In order to be absolutely clear that you mean that Fenemere is to our right of Bededehe, you might incorporate the pronoun for "where/there": Fenemere rlinaabedodeha rrerrerra Bedudahe - "Fenmere is-to-the-right of Bededehe's position." The next lesson will be cardinal directions.

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