In the midst of illness and calamity, tales of which I may regale you with at a later date, I present to you this new page of the comic:

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Epic of Sally, page 62

From The Fenworks

Another is forthcoming.

Perchance by then, the traces of Alexander Dumas’ writing will have seeped out of my lexicon and grammar, and I may be able to write like a contemporary human being again. Until then, please enjoy this continuation of the story!

In case it has been too long, you may want to brush up on the current chapter of the story starting with this page.

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Just a little teaser for you:

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Fenmere What

From Grass Dog Studio

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The Outsider speakers of Maofrrao, which Ktletachete call “BeshakeMaofrrao”, have something a national sport, which is worth mentioning as large parts of the world are turning their eyes and attentions to a great global sports tournament at this very moment.

The BeshakeMaofrrao’s favorite organized athletic pastime doesn’t involve a ball, however. Nor a stadium, nor much in the way of audiences that must pay for tickets, beer, food, or pay-per-view broadcasting. However, nearly everybody enjoys playing or watching it.

This game is called Memhirringraowirr or “Chase Me”, and involves a group of people of sufficient size and one foolish individual.

The foolish individual can be anyone who decides that it is a good time to play Memhirringraowirr. Upon doing so, this person will typically walk up to another individual that appears to be self absorbed, reflective, downcast, or otherwise in need of some good uplifting exercise and to be brought out of themselves for a little while. Then, the fool will suddenly crouch in front of them, as if to spring away at a moment’s notice, and grin like a total idiot. Thus begins the game!

At this point, anyone is invited to join in, chasing the fool for as long as they can keep away from the participants. Usually, everyone tries their hardest to catch the fool. But upon doing so, they simply tag them, and let the fool continue dodging and running. No one will knock the fool down unless they, too, are willing to play the fool. At which point everyone will start chasing them!

This will go on until everyone is thoroughly exhausted and wants food and water, or maybe a beer.

Some people keep track of how many times they have tagged a fool in one session, or for how long they have remained a fool without being tackled, and paint these scores upon their bodies by way of bragging. Sometimes, people will line up and compare scores.

It does seem to be great fun!

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