To ValhallaCon!

Some of you may remember this drawing:

click to visit larger image

Color version of the Mecha Apple Maggot

From Grass Dog Studio

Well, now it is the cover of the ValhallaCon ConBook!

ValhallaCon is the revival of what used to be known as VikingCon, here in Bellingham, WA. It is a science fiction fantasy con, and it’s predecessor used to draw quite a few movers and shakers in the science fiction industry. This year is no exception.

I understand that I will be indirectly sharing the stage with George Dyson, son of Freeman Dyson. Dyson is slated to talk about the Orion Project. And Nancy Kress, author of Probability Space, will be there as well.

But local talent is also being featured.

I will also be sharing the stage (literally this time) with Julie McGalliard of Goth House, which is a great comic and you should read it.

Oh, yeah, and then there’s me. I’m honored to be one of the local artist guests there. Somehow, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to run a Saturday Meeting of the Bellingham School of Comics at the con, give an hour long slideshow about guerrilla publishing and webcomics, and co-host a panel with Julie McGalliard. And I’ve got a booth!

I do hope some people show up.

The schedule of the con is just about finished up and will be emailed to me shortly. I’ll post it as soon as I can.

Oh, and it’s this freaking weekend!

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