The Bellingham School of Comics

Some several years ago, I got together with four other cartoonists and started something we called the B.S. of Comics. It was a huge hit and we’ve had many meetings and art shows and many of us have gone on to produce better work than when we started.

In recent years it hasn’t been so big. We still make stuff and have art shows, but only about six of us tend to show up at any given time.

Well, I went to con a week and a half ago and invited a bunch of new people to the group. Then, realizing that I needed to offer them something, I made this:

It looks an awful lot like Drawing Contraption, but I’m working on differentiating it in a variety of ways. I thought I’d start with the most important by adding features for other users, including improved roles and security levels.

If you’re into making or reading comics, please join, even if you don’t live anywhere near Bellingham! You are officially invited.

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