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If you want to follow my new comic when it starts, you'll have to receive it via email. However, because of this, I've set up email subscriptions for my entire blog! So, if you'd like to receive my blog posts either on the hour, or in digest form daily or weekly, in your email, you can! First, register for an account on my Wordpress Blog, and then, go to your profile page: There you will find "Email Updates" settings for "Stuck in Jam" and "Uncategorized". Stuck in Jam is my new comic. Uncategorized is the rest of the blog! Or, you can go to the Subscribe to Stuck In Jam page and sign up via Mail Chimp (comic only), if you prefer: Enjoy!

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    so the chimp thing is bum?

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    Matt, your enthusiasm for this makes me so excited to be starting this project. Thank you!

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    The Chimp thing is OK, so I’m keeping it, and I’m not entirely discouraging people from using it. I like to give my users options. But, doing everything through WordPress on my own site seems cleaner, and allows for digest updates, instead of hourly full emails. (Though the comic is likely to only come out weekly at best)

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    okay, now I have a reason to set up a word press account. . .

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    You don’t need one to register on my blog, but if you’re thinking about setting up something for your own work, I highly recommend it.

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    when I clicked on the link, it wanted my user name. . .

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    Yep. And below that is a “register” link. That registers you for MY wordpress blog, but I don’t think it actually gets you a WordPress account. See here:

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    too late. . .I set one up, I should have one anyways for my photography.

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    Neato! In case others are interested: You might, however, be able to use your Drawing Contraption account to register on other Word Press blogs. I’m not sure. You can also use Google accounts to register on the Drawing Contraption, or comment through my Facebook posts. It’s all connected and really cool that way!

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    WordPress is the most versitile program I have wored with, granted I use it on my own hostgator account instead of theirs.

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