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Stuck In Jam, page 4

From Grass Dog Studio

Yes, Fenmere is the representation of my pseudonym in this comic. He's the official cartoonist, so he's basically me. Sort of. Yes, Jonathan has the same name as me. He's the distribution rep and defacto business manager for the comic. And he's a 'hamster. The apostrophe is important. So, he's also basically me. Sort of. So, yes, these pages that you've been reading have been a depiction of me arguing with myself. I don't argue with myself like this. But there is often, in the world of creative work, a conflict between what it takes to make something and what it takes to sell it. The creative process often involves a lot of spontaneity and the willingness to just jump into something head first. Marketing actually needs to be done with care and consistency. It's really self indulgent of me to write a scene like this in my comic, but it's just so much fun! Also, the kids love it. About ten years ago, I received a complimentary month of Kung Fu training from a friend. I would have really liked to continue with the school, but I didn't have the money. But the uniform was complimentary, and I still have the pants. Sometimes I still talk about using my One Month of Kung Fu. Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks if you'd like to see it in action!

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