The FenReport

I took a few photos last weekend. In the collection are some plans I have, as well as the menu of this fantastic cafe I found.


I’ve been slow to ink Stuck in Jam, so my editorial team is not getting their fill right now, for which I apologize. But they knew that things would be sporadic going into it. What’s important to me is that I’ve still got a substantial buffer of comics for the website, and we’re still updating every Tuesday, no problem!

One of the reasons that I haven’t had as much time for the comic is that I’m coming up on the end of my monetary reserves, and I’ve had to spend more time on active business pursuits. I am looking for a full time job in Marketing, by the way, if anyone has any leads.

In lieu of gainful employment, and in conjunction with my job search, I am taking on certain freelance work (which I have been putting many hours into!) and I have been working on setting up my new studio’s website and shop. I have a couple of what seem to be really solid and unique ideas regarding how my new business will work, and how it will support my comic. And you’ve already seen some hints of them with Run the Drawing Contraption. But I’m going to keep the final forms a little close to my chest for the next week or so as I polish off the final plans and start putting things in place.

I’ll have to let you know more as I go, of course, but this is why some of the projects I’ve started are going slow right now. I’m doing three full time jobs: Looking for work, doing work, and starting a business. It’s kinda crazy!

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