In 1995, the Fenworks began as a listserv, through which I would regale my friends and family with artwork, poetry and daily updates. It was, for all intents and purposes, a blog. On November 22nd, 2003, it was replaced with The Chronicles of Fenmere, the Worm on LiveJournal, which still exists today. And, in April of 2004, I started a business called Grass Dog Studio, which had a blog called Drawing Contraption, this blog. Things have changed, I've closed down the studio, and I feel like getting back to my original playful roots in the Fenworks. So the way it works is this: The Fenworks is the over-arching collection of websites and projects. Drawing Contraption is the blog through which I will talk about these projects. All my other social media accounts receive a feed of Drawing Contraption. Facebook is where I keep up with the day to day activities of my friends and family, and where I share the really weird things I find around the internet. Twitter is where I spout off stuff I'd never say on Facebook (though you can read it in the feed here, oh dear). And my LiveJournal is where I put really super private stuff that very few people have access to, but also where I still connect with people who never made the switch to the other sites. And although I do have a Google+ account, Google has yet to figure things out and allow me to send a feed of my blog there, so I can't recommend it. But my oldest elementary and middle school friends seem to congregate there, so I poke my head in on occasion to keep up with them! And what is the purpose of all this? Hah!


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