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I'm working on a comic called Stuck In Jam. It is a sequel to Harmless Free Radicals! If you'd like to follow the comic, you can check out the website. But if you'd like to get advanced b/w issues and help to edit the project, please subscribe to this list! It is run by MailChimp, and is all very clean. The only* way to read this comic is to receive it in your email. If you are new, please check the archives for back issues of the comic! Thank you! You may subscribe in two ways! You may click the checkbox for "Stuck In Jam" in your profile page, and set the frequency there. Alternatively you may instead use Mail Chimp by filling out the following form (I prefer the former, but you may find Mail Chimp easier -- both work!):

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If you need to read up on old issues, you may do so here: http://grassdogstudio.com/blog/?cat=114 * For a certain definition of "only".


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