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cluttered brain stalling
cries for social distraction
on a sunny day

a burning elbow
and a numb thumb are all that
prevent more artwork

copy machine line
backs up around the corner
past the bathroom doors


I’ve broken down and refreshed Facebook and Twitter a few too many times already this morning. However, I’ve just finished doing something rather stressful, so maybe I’m entitled. There’s more work to do this afternoon! Which may mean more Daily Haiku, depending on how stressful it turns out to be.

honey on rice cake
earl grey, hot, with terse email
sent to hired artists

sample foot cast waits
sitting on my desk, too late
Shipping aren’t time lords

twenty-five minutes


Obviously, these aren’t released once a day. They are a bit more like digest issues of an hourly haiku, except that they occure duing what would be my coffee breaks. Still calling it the Daily Haiku out of respect to my old posts.

These will come as they are done.

The forest of birds
Just outside celebrating
Brings the rain inside

Careful, stark, clean work
Adorns a computer screen
Above messy desk

Peppermint just works
Barely to stave off sleepy
Lunch blurred drowsiness


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